Becoming the woman God entitled you to be

Do you know who you are as a daughter of the King? And have you ever considered if you are living up to your full potential as God’s Kingdom Daughter?

May I ask you to do me a favor if you will please, can you please sit back and picture yourself at various age groups throughout your life for a brief moment? I promise I have a point!

Did you notice a difference in each one? Of course, you did, because that is life and as we grow we become wise and more grounded in figuring out our mistakes and growing from them, becoming a wiser more redefined you that you are today!

With each stage in your life, there was a role you played and I do not mean that you were phony or fake the entire time to play a role to fit in or be accepted, although trust me we have all been there!

Women’s Roles

But what I mean is that in life God gives us specific roles with each season.   For instance, up until 3 years ago, my role was a boss, single women living alone, fur mamma to my pets, sister, daughter, and friend.   

A fragment of my heart is left with each description I mentioned above, because in life that is who I was at that time and I am very grateful for every role and season in my life. 

And today, 3 years later I have new roles such as wife, mamma, babysitter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, sister, daughter, and friend.  These roles also take a huge part of me, actually even more so then my past roles. 

Sit back and think of all the roles you have had in the last 5 years, and then the roles you have today for a moment and realize all that you give of yourself.

With each role that we give of ourselves, we tend to lose ourselves in the mix and chaos of it all. (Find out how to find “peace in the midst of Chaos” here.)

Of course not intentionally but we still do somehow over the years it happens, like wrinkles on the skin they just appear one day out of thin air and we are left to question “hey, what the heck… when did you get there” okay maybe that’s just me!

Let me just jump to what I am getting at, allow me to be blunt and to the point as I am in the natural! 

“in God’s Word, He has given us exactly what we need to be exactly who we are in the exact role you are in right now.”   – Pamela Allaart

Your Role as God’s Kingdom Daughter

With each stage of life you go through, or each role God has placed you in right now. He has given us the guidance in these areas to truly find out who we are even in the midst of all the roles, stages, and seasons in our life.

He does this so that we do not lose who he created us to be to become God’s Kingdom Daughter.   

See when we dive into Gods word and allow His Holy Spirit to guide us and transform us, it is amazing the things to be discovered!

To be honest, before any other roles in my life, the first role I play the biggest part in would be as God’s Kingdom Daughter!

I am God’s Kingdom Daughter and so are YOU! And when you put this role in your life first and foremost before all other roles in your life, believe me when I say that all other roles in your life become so much easier and simple to manage.

Because you are no longer trying to play “different roles” you just become God’s Kingdom Daughter He created you to be.

In His beautiful creation (that’s you I’m talking about) He has already designed you in the role you are in right now in your life!

He placed this in your heart when in your mothers whom, where He fashioned you!

He knew at the point of fashioning you, what you would be doing today as a Kingdom Daughter. And gave you the ability and skills to complete exactly what and where you are… right now in your life!

Even if you are in a role or stage in your life that feels like quicksand or drying cement; just know that even in this, God has fashioned in you something great that can withstand the quicksand and dig out the drying cement!   

But first become the role God fashioned you to be as God’s Kingdom Daughter, and you will begin to see how good your God truly is! And to do this means to be in His word every single day.

Without His word in our lives, we are incapable of living life to the fullness that God created it to be for you. If you desire to become God’s Kingdom Daughter, you must seek God first in all you do and stay diligently in His word.

Let’s Connect

This blog is specifically catered to God’s Kingdom Daughters and the heart of who we are in God’s Word!  If you are interested in learning what I too am learning from God on this journey, then I look forward to having you join me!

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3 thoughts on “Becoming the woman God entitled you to be

  1. Thank you for being obedient to the voice of God… I am learning to be a kingdom daughter and being who he created me to be!


    1. Amen! That is awesome, thank you for taking the time to read! I appreciate it:-)


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