Welcome to Kingdom Habitation

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Kingdom Habitation where all things are centered around the Kingdom of God and his presence which lives within us through His Holy Spirit!

In today’s world, many of God’s children have forgotten their inheritance in Jesus Christ and have pulled away from the power that is within this inheritance. 

Here at this blog, I will be discussing how and why God has given us this power and dominion in our lives through the Holy Spirit. And most importantly, how to walk in our inheritance and what this looks like in our daily lives. Some of the main topics discussed here will be Spiritual Warfare, so if you have always been interested in this but have been too afraid to get that conversation started in your church group or with friends, I assure you that your conversation about this is safe here with me!

Lately, God has been telling me it is time to talk about my testimony and this includes all that I have experienced in the presence of God.  And so I am obeying what I have been told and sharing my heart and experience with you all here at this blog.

Now some have asked, “what is Kingdom Habitation and where did it come from?”  I have a scripture that I love and that my heart truly connects with.  One day while trying to come up with a name for this blog when I first created it back in the fall of 2017 (You can read that amazing story by clicking here!)

I asked God what I should call the blog and his reply was “the scripture you LOVE” and of course the moment I flipped to it and read it aloud, Kingdom Habitation came to my heart!

Lord, I have loved the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.

Psalm 26:8

This scripture is the very beat of my heart towards my Father in heaven.  If I had just one love song to sing to God, this would be it.   When you have felt God in such a way and experienced his presence within the courts of His throne room, I assure you there is no other place in this world that you would rather be.

So with that being said, to relate that to my blog is to say that Kingdom Habitation is just that.

“to be so in love with God that even His own presence is reflected from you into the habitation all around you.”