Kingdom Habitation’s Mission is to allow your reality to collide with the TRUTH of the word of God and change your life!

The Allaarts

Meet Justin & Pamela Allaart Co-Founders of Kingdom Habitation Ministries.

They live in Colorado with their two children Judah & Uriyah. As a family we truly enjoying spending time with each other and living life fully devoted to what God wants in our life. Even if that means making a fool of ourselves to the world for the sake of the Gospel, we don’t care! We live for HIM!!!!

Kingdom Habitations Beginning

Kingdom Habitation started in the Winder of 2017 with a dream to reach the nations and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Breaking down one reality of lie with the TRUTH of God’s word one person at a time.

What’s in a name

Now some have asked, “what does Kingdom Habitation mean and where did it come from?”  Kingdom Habitation literally means to live in our Habitation here on earth, but within the Kingdom Habitation of our Lord! To be so saturated by His Spirit within us in and through out daily lives and tasks. That the atmosphere around us, that of our Habitation becomes a Kingdom Habitation. On earth as in Heaven type atmosphere and life, and it is possible for those who believe the word of God and apply it to our lives!

Lord, I have loved the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.

Psalm 26:8

When you have felt God in such a way and experienced his presence within the courts of His throne room, I assure you there is no other place in this world that you would rather be then in the habitation of his house where His glory dwells among you. And this is how God created our lives here on earth to be like, as it is in heaven. It is not impossible, God sent His Son Jesus Christ to show us by example that it is very possible and something God’s heart desires for us!

“to be so in love with God that even His own presence is reflected from you into the habitation all around you.”

– Pamela A.

Kingdom Habitation’s Mission

Our mission is to help people realize who they are in Christ and the inheritance they possess as children of the Most High God.

Kingdom Habitation is led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the word of God. Many do not know how to apply the power of Jesus Christ to their situation or circumstances, leaving them in bondage or turmoil because of the lack of knowledge in their authority in their own lives.

Our heart’s desire is to help others live free, fully and completely in Jesus Christ. To know who you truly are in Christ and live a life fully devoted to honoring and serving the Lord in victory. To allow your reality to collide with the TRUTH of the word of God and change your life!

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