About Me

Hello my beautiful friends, and welcome to Kingdom Habitation where all things are centered around the Kingdom of God and His presence which lives within us through His Holy Spirit!

My name is Pamela and I am the author of the Kingdom Habitation Blog!

Like you; I am the daughter of the King of Kings first and foremost! Second, to this, I am a wife and a mother to my two children and my passion is to serve Christ in all I do as a daughter, wife, and mom. I am so in love with Jesus Christ and desire to serve Him by serving others around me with the same love and compassion that Christ has shown to me.

I have the honor of serving my family in a home where God is the rock & foundation of all we do and live for. My husband and I are blessed with two amazing children and we are honored to equip and raise tiny disciples of Jesus Christ in this world.

I fully believe and try my best to obey Jesus’ commandment He left for us which is to heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the gospel, and make disciples of all nations. I also believe that the word of God is the only truth in this world and that through the Holy Spirit we can understand it in a way that transforms us into the image of Christ.

Kingdom Habitations Beginning

Kingdom Habitation blog started in the fall of 2017 when the Lord had repeatedly told me to start a blog. I had been disobedient to the Lord in this for a couple months even though He sent a couple of people during those months, who did not know me to tell me I should write. But even with these confirmations from the Lord, I was still hesitant to start a blog.

One day when I was in prayer for someone else in my life, the Lord spoke to me about starting a blog again. So, I said “Fine, God if you want me to start a blog then you provide me with a laptop and I promise I will write.”

I continued to worship God when 10 minutes later my phone rang and the Lord told me to answer it because it was about the laptop. Shortly after I answered the phone I was the owner of a laptop that was being given to me by my mother, little did she know my previous conversation just moments ago.

From here there was no turning back on my word to God, I then created this blog. With much guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit Kingdom Habitation became what it is today.

What’s in a name

Now some have asked, “what does Kingdom Habitation mean and where did it come from?”  I have a scripture that I love and that my heart truly connects with.  I asked God what I should call the blog and his reply was “the scripture you LOVE” and of course the moment I flipped to it and read it aloud, Kingdom Habitation came to my heart!

Lord, I have loved the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.

Psalm 26:8

If I had just one love song to sing to God, this would be it.   When you have felt God in such a way and experienced his presence within the courts of His throne room, I assure you there is no other place in this world that you would rather be then in the habitation of his house where His glory dwells among you.

So with that being said, to relate that to my blog is to say that Kingdom Habitation is acknowledging that God’s Kingdom is within reach of our habitation here on earth. And this blog is meant to show you how to live a life like this!

“to be so in love with God that even His own presence is reflected from you into the habitation all around you.”

– Pamela A.

Kingdom Habitation’s Mission

The mission for this blog is to help the daughters of God realize who they are in Christ and the inheritance they possess. That they may know what legal rights they have in the Kingdom so that the daughters of God can conquer and be victorious through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This blog is here to help guide and teach women through many well-informed blogs that will inspire and help you such as “Your enrollment into Spiritual Warfare.”

In today’s world, many of God’s daughters have forgotten their inheritance in Jesus Christ and have pulled away from the power that is within this inheritance as well as our place as women.  It is this power through Jesus Christ that allows us to be free here on earth and no longer slaves to bondage in many areas of our lives.

Kingdom Habitation Blog is led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the word of God. Many do not know how to apply the power of Jesus Christ to their situation or circumstances, leaving them in bondage or turmoil because of the lack of knowledge in their authority in their own lives.

Here at this blog, our heart’s desire is to help others live free, fully and completely in Jesus Christ. To know who you truly are in Christ and live a life fully devoted to honoring and serving the Lord in victory.

So thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about me and this blog and I pray the Lord will bless you through this!

Stay beautiful my friend,


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