God’s Poem to His Daughter

God is speaking to His daughters who have forgotten. Will you hear Him…

“Lord, speak to your children.  Many have closed off their ears to you, they have said: “I do not hear God anymore, He quit talking to me”.  God that you would open their eyes to see the communication channel is still very much alive in them today as it was when they were in love with you.”

Oh, how you have lost your first love, what happened that caused you to run away from your love? 

Was the love not tender enough, was is it not fulfilling enough within your soul?  What is it then I ask, do you not seek love itself in your life?

For it must be of perpetual desires for you to have run so hastily towards something that which you desired so strongly for, leaving behind your first love.

Oh daughters, cry out to the Lord and allow Him to cry out upon His hill, run to him like a gazelle in the field, swiftly and without a missed step, run to your Father. 

For he hears you and He does speak to you, for He desires to be in conversation with you in every part of your life.  There is nothing in your life that He is not fascinated about talking to you with, truly everything you go through He wants to converse with you.

Why have you forsaken the Lord’s voice in your life, have other noises of much-defined tunes caused My voice to simmer within the noise of this world? 

Has your taste for such things as sweetness left your mouth? Oh that you would taste the Lord again and see that He is good.  That to the tongue He is as sweet as a plum rose, but to the stomach, he is life to your body.

Why do you haste in thoughts and worries when all your cares are placed upon the altar of the Lord to give you rest, to hear His sweet voice? 

Oh daughter of this world clinging to the things you hold so dear to yourself, claiming to have been from God. Why have you given up so easily on the seeking of the one you loved? Why have you run so swiftly to the field of which I have not called you too? 

I have planted you vines and meadows for you to lie down in, among the trees and lilies of the valley and yet you run to the streams flowing with sickness and disease? Why hast though begotten such things that are unfitting for you?

Do you not see my calling, do you not see my desires for you to be held and loved by the one true God, I am He, I desire to hold you and love you. Come to me and allow me to cleanse the muck and mire off of you and clothe you in new clothing of white.

For I am your God, I am your love, I am this that you seek all your life… It is I, your King… Seek  Me and you will find me.

Love God!

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