How to plan a victorious day in the kingdom of God

Have you ever thought about actually planning your victory before your day begins?

First of all please know that I am a planner, I enjoy sitting down with all my planning materials (Yes there are materials needed for this in my world!) and begin to plan a way for my next week and sometimes even our month in advance! I enjoy this type of activity, I actually look forward to being able to open my planner and jot down my plans, ideas or schedule for my family; I find it very important and relaxing at the same time!

I could write a blog dedicated to planning and organizing because I love it so much! But the upside of this, when things are not going as planned or planned events are not on time or on schedule or even last minute changes to my highly planned out day begin to change… I have to make sure I seek God before I open my mouth to grumble and complain or I can get myself into a little hissy fit of huffing and puffing of having to re-organize my plans and timing. So I must watch myself closely in this area and learn to let go and stop being so controlling of my plans!

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

When I spend my time planning things out in my handy dandy planner, I am assured that things will go as planned and fall exactly into place, why is that you may ask? Because I live in a fairytale land where this happens all the time with a toddler didn’t you know!! Actually, it is the complete opposite and here is why, when I plan things I am definitely assured that they will not go as planned because the hours in the day are not set in stone as I would like to think and things look much more pleasant and planned in detail when it is with pen and paper, but life is not that way.

I must reassure myself that no matter what I try to plan, that in the midst of it all God is in control of it all, even when it comes to a simple day of planned out adventures for my 2-year-old. I must begin to learn that the 24 hours in a day do not belong to me, but to God and give Him my plans for the day first and foremost before I begin to do anything else in my day! And this is something that I honestly do not write in my planner… But is something that I should actually go through and place as #1 Planning Activity in my planner- “Seek God.” I mean sure I speak to Him throughout my entire day and He is with me all day long, but much like my husband deserves to have a little alone time with me every day to keep a healthy loving relationship in our marriage, so does God just the same.

But the most important part of this is to give him my alone time first thing in my day, so that the rest of my plans are in his hands and in giving Him my plans I am surrendering the control of my day and in return He gives me a spirit of peace so that no matter what may hinder my plans for the day, I am safely guarded in His peace, no more hissy fits because I sought my Lord first and in doing so He prepared me for the day that is to come even if that means hick-ups along my beautifully planned out day!

personal organizer and pink flowers on desk

I will be the first to admit that I need to work on this in my life, because as much as I do not like saying it, but my first part of my day is focused on breakfast for my son and getting our planned out day starting off with a bang! (Unless I am working that day, then it is focused on getting out the door so I can beat downtown rush hour traffic!)

I know that the key to having a successful day even if plans change is to seek God first in my day. It is truly putting on the Armor of God when we do this (Soon I will have a Part 2: How to put on the Armor daily and what that looks like), think of it like getting dressed every morning. I mean surely none of us would walk out in public naked without any clothing on, right! Well the Armor of God is much like clothing, except highly more important than just a pair of jeans and a shirt. It is our lifeline to the Father, it is our security from the schemes of the enemy and may I remind you that these schemes that the devil is constantly & carefully plotting against you… they never cease… N.E.V.E.R, he will always continue to try and destroy you and your day. So having on the Armor of God first thing in your day is vital to your survival in the spirit realm, and need I remind you further that we live in a spiritual realm, don’t get it twisted just because the world around us and all our possessions look so real!

So my Kingdom Sisters, how do we plan ahead accordingly for an amazing day or week? Well, let me lay it out in layman’s terms for you!

  1. Seek God FIRST thing in your day, even if that means on the toilet if you are busy every morning; sit on there a few minutes longer and soak in his presence and let him wash over you with His presence and His protection.
  2. Wear your Armor of God which you received pressed and on a hanger when you sought God on the toilet (hehe) Keep it on and do not take it off, nobody wants to see you naked without it on except the enemy!! ( I have been requested to post more about how to put on the armor of God and what it looks like and I will be doing this and have it posted within the week- God willing)
  3. Don’t worry about plans that may change or things that don’t turn out as you had hoped or planned, remember that your Father is in control of everything no matter what we plan in our hearts, and also know that your Father seeks only GOOD things for you always!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

I do hope that you face your week head-on in the Armor of God and with God as your shield and rear guard this week because honey you are going to need it, the enemy never sleeps and is always looking to steal, kill and destroy you, your children and your husband. So plan out your week with God as first priority and I assure you that your days this week will be lovely no matter what you face as long as you are putting Him first in all you do.

I pray the love peace and glory of God go before you this week and touch and prosper all your plans and goals, and that the enemies plans are nullified and destroyed even now in Jesus Mighty Name!- Amen & Hallelujah

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