Kingdom Daughters

You are more than just a Wife, Mommy or Friend! You are a daughter of a King! You are an Heir to the throne of God, and He has created you in such a unique way and He desires you to find out exactly who you are as a Daughter of His, because once you find this out all your other roles in life that God has blessed you with will all flow naturally in God’s grace!  There is a special gift that God has given to His Daughters, a precious and priceless gift and He desires for you to know this and receive the gift He has given you.

Kingdom Marriage

Our marriage is to be a representation of God’s love for your spouse through you and we are to exemplify what Christ’s love is towards one another.  And one major way to do this is through our marriages; God designed marriage like it’s own special relationship set apart from any like it. There is no other kind of relationship in this world that when two are joined together they become one, except through husband and wife.  Truly think about that for a moment and realize how important it is in a marriage that God would create us as one once we have joined ourselves together, for what purpose?  Here at Kingdom Marriage, I will be discussing exactly what our purpose of marriage is in this world,  will you join me!

Kingdom Minded

As Kingdom children, we are called to have the mind of Christ. I call this Kingdom Minded, we are called to live out our days in the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, and this all starts in our minds.    The one place where the battle truly begins is in our mind and there is so much in the word of God specifically about our mind and how to harness this to the obedience of Christ to win every battle we face.  Every attack against the enemy towards us starts with our thoughts, learn to harness your thoughts to the obedience of Christ and in doing so you will find your freedom and be victorious in the warfare.  Once you tear down the enemies fortress that they have built into your mind, you begin to see the battleground much clearer and can see when the enemy is attacking because you will begin to see behind enemy lines and always be a step ahead of them.

Kingdom Parenting

Parenting is, in my opinion, the biggest part of the ministry we could ever encounter.  God has given us an assignment when he gives us children to train up in the way they should go and this is no little task, my friends!  We are called to so much as parents in the Kingdom of God, we are molding a child’s heart to love and honor God in all they do.  Here I will talk about all things parenting, and this includes those days that we just want to give up and hide in a closet with a candle, a book and a cup of hot joe for at least a good 4 hours! I will talk about the good, the bad and the ugly here because let’s face it parenting is not easy, but boy is it rewarding and such a blessing!

Kingdom Realm

There are realms in which we live in, and these are called Spiritual Realms and contrary to what most believers are afraid to believe, these realms do exist because God created them to exist.  When we fight in warfare our prayers are like arrows or weapons going straight into the hold or power a demon has on the situation or person, and if you were to see in the spiritual realm during your warfare, you would see that your prayers are breaking off the hold of the enemy on peoples lives or situations.  The Spiritual Realm is where all this happens, although you do not see it with your own eyes all the time, however God does allow us to see into the spiritual realm and for good reason, to further us in the Kingdom of God in our warfare and claim our inheritance that the enemy has worked so hard at keeping us from knowing about.

Kingdom Warfare

You are a Warrior! Yes, you! You live in the forefront of a battle raging on that you may not see, but the good news is that our gracious and merciful Father has equipped us with every single weapon of warfare we need to use to fight daily battles because the enemy does not sleep or take lunch breaks.   The enemy is constantly plotting ways to torment your daily life and if you are not trained and equipped in how to be a warrior of God in this battle that we live in, then my friend you are up for a very challenging life that will leave you in despair.  You must learn to use the tools God has given us, and not just memorize Ephesians 6 but actually live it and become it.


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