Assigning angels of the Lord: Spiritual Warfare

What do you do in life when God asks you to give assignments to His angels that are standing before you during warfare?

God has been moving mighty in the past year of our lives, well actually the past 5 years to be exact but the intensity of His hand is ever stronger year by year in our lives.  I know many of you are also facing this as well in the past 7 years, that God is showing himself mightier in our lives than ever before. 

I will be sharing a story of how God sent me an angel one afternoon while I was having my warfare prayer for others, but this angel was sent to me so that I could give him an assignment. 

An assignment I would have rather passed by and asked for something else for this angel to do, but I obeyed God and gave the angel the assignment that the Lord had told me to tell him.

So what do we do when we are told by God to ask for something or begin to pray for something, we would rather wait on or even feel selfish asking this prayer. 

The angel appears

One afternoon while in the middle of a prayer session all of a sudden an angel of the Lord appeared before me.  He was massive in form but more massive in his presence, he stood there with both his arms in front of him folding his hands together as if waiting for something.  His clothing was a color of red that I had never seen before with tassels of gold near his chest, and he had on golden brown arm guards on his wrists.   He did not have a chest plate or massive artillery armor but his size was magnificent.

I did not know what he was here for, so I asked the Lord as I pointed in his direction, for I did not look directly at the angel, but could see him out of the corner of my eye.  So I ask God  “God, what is he here for”  the Lord replied, “he is waiting to be told what to do”.

At that moment I knew that this angel was sent on an assignment, but I had no clue what to tell this angel to go do. I had been praying for many things at that moment especially for healing in so many of my loved one’s lives that are being stricken with health issues and mobility issues. 

angel statue

So I asked God again “Lord, what is it I am to tell him to go do?” the Lord replied “Tell him to go bring you your house” My eyes welled up with tears and my heart ached in a way I cannot describe. There were so many other things I wanted God to take care of in the lives of my loved ones, and I did not want to ask this angel this. 

I would rather have asked for my mother to be fully healed and not live in pain anymore, for her spine to stop fusing together so she could live a healthy life. Or for my husband to be able to walk and run at his own will or be able to carry our son to bed, and to just live a normal, healthy life.  So many other things I would have rather had an angel come to help than a house.

But the Lord pressed further on my heart in a demanding way, but also in a kind gentle way. “Tell him to go bring you your house”.  I knew that God was doing this out of love, but I also knew that this was a commandment and God knew that he could trust me to follow out his order in commanding an angel to the Lord’s assignment in my life.  

Giving the assignment

And so I tearfully and with a heavy heart, but an obedient one, I called to the angel while pointing my finger at him as I said: “Go bring me my house”. 

At that moment my heart sank as I could not believe I had asked that of all things, but I was obedient to God and the moment I said this, I watched the angel nod his massive head to me and then “went”.

There is something about the way angels travel or walk that is very different than the way they do this on earth.  See as an angel they are not walking, they don’t float, and this one did not fly around ( I have not been blessed to see any angels that fly).

They just “go” as if there is no realm that they must pass through, except for the very place of their destination.  For us, we must travel from one city to another to get to the place we are going, but for angels, they are just there and they just go and are found in the place where they are to be. 

After this I cried out to God in tears and fell to the floor, I do not recall everything I cried out to him for because I spoke in my heavenly language, but my heart was full of tears but as I had finished crying out to God in Spirit I felt so much better and relieved of the agony I was feeling in my heart.

Some would not understand this but for me, the things that we had been going through at this time, watching my family suffer was something I was crying out to God for constantly at this time, I was going to war for the healing of my family members who were being afflicted by the hand of the enemy. 

And yet in the midst of all this God wanted me to ask for a home, something I had been praying and believing for since I was in my early twenties.  But why now did God want me to ask for this home, I did not question it, I just obeyed.

Understanding of Prayer

This was not the last time I had this angel visit me, and it was not the last time God had informed me to tell him his assignment.  He had visited me several times after this, and during this time I had witnessed things happening in the Spiritual Realm concerning this home.  

God will always work on your side for you, He will always send angels to take charge over you and the answers to your prayers. Angels play a key role in how God moves in His kingdom and brings our answered prayers into this realm.

We also play a huge role in this and it is crucial that we know how to be a part of our prayers. It is through the power of prayer and knowing how to pray that opens the storehouses of God’s goodness into this realm.

Things that I have never understood about prayer, but have always wondered, like what does it look like when we pray, how does this look in the Spiritual realm, and what is it that the enemy withholds in our prayers, and how does this work?

I will continue to discuss this in more detail in future posts! I do believe that as children of God we should know how to pray in such a way that moves mountains.

God opened my eyes to the Spiritual realm of prayer in such a way that I never look at prayer the same way again.  

I am curious about what ways God has opened your eyes to prayer in ways that have changed your prayer life forever? Please share your testimony below because you never know who it may help in the kingdom of God!

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