15 things about Angels you need to know

Have you ever been in the presence of an angel of the Lord? Have you ever wondered what angels were like and how they work in the Spiritual realm? Join me as I talk about the top 15 amazing things that I find fascinating about encountering angels.

Throughout my life, I have had encounters from angels and things of the spirit realm at a young age and this grew to be more frequent as I matured in my relationship with the Lord and the more I was confronted with Spiritual Warfare.

These 15 things about angels I am writing are not from some guess or someone else’s point of view, but these are based on my own personal experiences. Angels are very real and do often encounter themselves with God’s children, they are sent to us to assist us in many different things we encounter in this world and one of those things being spiritual warfare.

Before reading this as I mentioned below, you should always test the Spiritual encounters you are having or will have in your life. In 2 Corinthians 11:14, it says that Satan comes as an angel of light to deceive you. So please be wise and vigilant about the word of God so that you are properly able to test these spiritual encounters. Because without the word you will not know if they are telling the truth.


15 amazing things about Angel


They carry the presence of the Lord with them and upon this presence is an understanding that surpasses the understanding of the human intellect. But you can communicate with them on the same level even though our intellect is nothing compared to theirs.

2) Size

They are MASSIVE- there is something about an angel that is massive and not just in size but in their mannerisms that you just know that these are heavenly creatures of the Lord in heaven. Even if your eyes were closed and you did not see them but you felt them you would be able to sense their size because it is not so much the actual measurement of the angel that is massive, it is just who they are that portrays a massive type of being standing before you. Although in size they are VERY large as well!

3) Types

There are many different kinds of angels and by this, I do not mean that they are different in the form of who they are as much as I mean they are different in what they were created for in the kingdom of God. Basically, they are created in the likeness of what it is that God has called them to do in the Spirit realm. For some are warriors, messengers, ministering, and even worshiping angels and the list goes on but these are just a few that you may be familiar with. And with each kind, they carry that significant duty or characteristic upon their presence to the point you just know what they are here for when you see them (referring back to #1 with the understanding of how this can be)

4) Clothing

Each angel’s clothing or apparel is based upon what their duties are that are given to them from God. For instance, out of all the angels I have seen my entire life, I have noticed that not all dress lavishly with Gold as some might portray them to “all” be but there are some that do. I have seen some that are in brown cloaks and carry bowls of smoke (prayers of the saints) and others that are arrayed in such massive artillery outfits that even the outfits are intimidating, and then there are others who are dressed as kings, and yes I mean an actual king. But in heaven, being dressed like this means nothing compared to the King of Kings, whereas here on earth when we think of Kings we think of them as the top of the notch clothing, but that is not so in heaven when it comes to the wardrobe.

5) Speaking

Angels do not speak with their mouths, but with an understanding that is beyond spoken words and this is how we communicate with them. Now there are some that will show up in human form and you do not know you even spoke to an angel and just thought it was a person. That is not the kind I am talking about here, I am talking about the ones that show up in the spiritual realm.

6) Weapons

Their weapons are EXTREMELY HUGE (those that go to war) and there is something about their weapons that is not like ours on earth, their weapons have actual LIFE in them and when it pierces the enemy it is the life of Jesus Christ that the sword or weapon is made of. (I know that is hard to understand I am sorry)

7) Michael the Arc Angel

Michael the archangel as some call him is the largest and boldest angel I have ever encountered, and I have encountered some angels that were so arrayed in the presence of warfare and so strong that I can not imagine any demon even trying to come against them… But that is nothing compared to Michael, he is so massive and yet so kind (to me, demons not so much!). His presence is of the kind that you would want to have him follow you around everywhere you go! Michael is very understanding, I say this because the presence of him was as if he could relate to us with such compassion and care for us… I know this is not explaining it the best way I should and for that, I apologize. The other thing about Michael is that he has no fear within him, he does not hesitate to stand up to some pretty large demons, he stands up to them as though the demon knows the authority given to Michael before he addresses them. I cannot explain this but it is really neat to watch him in battle. He is also “highly” intelligent.

8) Movement

When angels move, they do not walk, run, float, or disappear… they just “go” as though our realm we see every day is a mirage and the realm they move in is real, so us seeing it in our realm, is something we cannot explain because we have not lived in the spiritual realm to see how things move… that doesn’t make sense, does it? I am sorry… When they move, they just are, as if there is no effort to their moving, they just ARE and they just GO. This is the hardest for me to explain out of all of this. I would love to know if anyone else has seen what I am explaining and has a better word because I am not good with words here lol

9) Smell

They can have a sense of smell to them, not all but some do. And the ones I have found that have a smell to them are generally the ones that have just come from the presence of the Lord and are worshipping angels at the Lord’s throne. They are soaked in Gods presence as they worship him (these are worshipping angels) and they actually tend to have God’s presence on them that is a very distinctive smell when they are here to worship with us. (have you ever been worshiping God and you have a sweet aroma all of a sudden and know it is God- it is probably because a worshipping angel from God’s throne room just entered the room to worship with you- more on this topic in the book to come!)

10) Worship

Angels do worship WITH US and they LOVE IT! And every time they hear the word Hallelujah they fall down to the ground and worship God. All at once, at the same time… It actually startled me for the first time I saw this because I didn’t realize why they standing all dropped, but then I cried because it was so beautiful to witness it in my living room!

11) Personalities

They have a sense of humor and personalities- very much so just as God has a sense of humor, so do the angels of the Lord! And this is not to say that you should run out and get all consumed with angels and try to befriend them… please don’t put angels above God as too many people do this and get so excited about angels over the presence of God. Remember they are servants, they are not God! But they do get excited about things and have immense joy about them when they know something great is about to happen from God. When they know God is moving in our lives and they have worked hard to help they do get excited about this. And each angel has his own personality that is not portrayed by what they say or how they do things, it is rather known by their presence and each one is so different (like I mentioned above in #3)

12) Excitement

They stick around to see you receive the blessing you have prayed and faithfully declared into existence. They stay by and actually WATCH you receive this blessing or answered prayer. I will be explaining more of this in my book, but I want you to know that the angels that go to warfare for you to help you receive what it is that God is giving you, that you asked Him for. These angels enjoy seeing you receive what God is giving you and get excited to watch you get excited over it and praise God for it. It is a joy for them to see what they have been assigned too, come to pass if that makes sense!

13) Guardians

When there is a public prayer that is a warfare type prayer angels do stand guard around you as you pray into the heavens. (I say warfare because it has always been warfare type prayers that I have noticed this happening in with me and again I am only talking from my personal experiences) The angels will stand around you and the person you are praying with to protect what you are speaking into their lives to ensure they reach the throne room of God. (again more on this topic in the book as there is a lot on the topic)

14) Wings

The wings on the angels that I witnessed were not like the wings of birds here on earth. They are made of such a thick and fuller substance and made of the purest white. They also do not look like the type that feathers would fall off as if they are never molting or deteriorating. They are very solid and huge, almost as big as the angel themselves.

15) Names

You can ask God what the angel’s name is. God’s angels have a name and some are very beautiful. I ask the Lord the name of the angel, I have never asked the angel directly. There are some angels with names that you already know and understand the moment you encounter them as if they are what the name represents.

Testing the angel before you

Most importantly, you should always test the spirit (angel) and ask if they are of God. Ask the angel if they believe that God sent his only Son to die on the cross and was rose from the dead and is sitting at the right hand of the Father.

I assure you if you are in the presence of a demon portraying to be an angel of light (read your word!) they will NOT answer yes to this, and generally, they will in my experience leave instantly. Always test what you are encountering in the Spiritual realm, be wise, know your word.

These 15 encounters are all based on my own personal experiences in my time spent in the presence of God and his angels, especially in warfare. You will notice I talk a lot about Spiritual Warfare and that is because this is where God has placed me in my prayer life and where I have encountered many of my experiences with angels.

If you have a story of your own that you would like to share about your experiences with being in the presence of God or his angles please comment below! It is the testimonies of our walk with God that share His goodness and just who He really is as our Father in heaven!

13 responses to “15 things about Angels you need to know”

  1. […] (in my heart I knew this was Michael, as he had come to my rescue before in my past in a vision and told me his name) the moment the demons drew closer, this angel prepared his stance and sword for slaying, he was standing there as someone would do in battle waiting for the call to move forward, but the enemy was now at the door, the moment they burst through the door flooding in by the thousands, I witnessed this angel take his sword and stab it directly into the demon and the moment the tip of that sword touched that demon it was as if the demon disintegrated into ash. I know this makes no sense, even to me today but I cannot deny what I had witnessed. (Update: I explain in a recent blog 15 things about Angels, and it describes the swords and Michael- have a read 15 things about Angels you need to know ) […]


  2. Angel’s are real! There are two angels that’s with me everywhere I go, everyday! Their names are Goodness and Mercy. Yes I stopped at a gas station one day and I bearly could put gas in my car! I had maybe 50-1.00 worth of gas money. This was right after leaving church that day and I was still very high in the Spirit of God! Out of nowhere this man said fill it up for her. I ran out and filled my tank, but I rushed back in the gas station to let this person know how thankful I was! This person was nowhere to be found, I even asked the attendant, where is that person that was just standing there, because it was just myself and the person as customers. The attendance didn’t know what I was talking about. The Lord revealed to me it was His angel, I believed it, because I am the type of person that will not get too cozy with strangers. One other thing the atmosphere felt so refreshing, relaxed, and joyful. It’s just like this person vanished in thin air right after he made sure I had enough gas to get where I was going. In my Spirit this was an angel of God in human form.


    • Praise God! God is so good and His provision for us is remarkable♥️ thank you so much for sharing your remarkable story, it is incredible how God provided for you😃 thank you also for taking the time to read my post!


  3. Thanks for this article! I have yet to experience, or maybe i should say recognize, and angel in my presence. I’ve had experiences where I’ve been with Jesus. My 3 year old son talks about his angels all the time. I’m so interested in what he is experiencing, and how others experience angels in their lives. I believe its more common then we realize. I now have an awareness to experience them myself. Thanks again for your words!


    • Hi! Thank you for your comments, I think any encounter of our heavenly Father we can have is amazing! Even when just standing in the presence of his love is more than enough, but it is so amazing when God allows us to see more, what a blessing! And I do agree that children see way more than we do, faith like a child ya know! Thank you for sharing a little bit about your testimony with me! God bless♥️

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome Pamela, thank you for sharing, I believe that I have felt the presence of an Angel but have not seen 1 as of yet.


  5. I studied angel several years ago after I had two encounters. Honestly, I freaked out both times. I prayed for having encounters but the angel was so overwhelming and beautiful.
    My passion is to teach others about spiritual warfare and lead them into spiritual freedom.
    Your blog is very interesting. When did your encounters start? Do you communicate with them?
    I will publish two blogs in regard of spiritual warfare in October. Check them out too pls.


    • Hi Silke! Can’t wait to talk, thank you so much for your comment! My first angel I had seen was at the age of 5 when I had a horrible fever. As for talking to them, I generally talk to God about them while they are before me unless God tells me to tell them something or give them a command to go do something, other than this it has been hard to come up with the words to speak in those moments of awe, ya know! Let’s connect and I am subscribed to your blog, looking forward to the release😀

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