Spiritual Warfare and Realms of Power

There are many realms and within some realms, you are able to access the power of the Holy Spirit that can change the very world in which you live in.

I had always thought praying in the Spirit meant only speaking in tongues.  But what happens when you start praying in tongues and are suddenly transported in the spirit realm and your eyes become open to the realm outside of the realm in which we live in? What type of prayer is this called, and how and why are we used in this type of deep Spiritual prayer for the kingdom of God?

I will be discussing this today based on my own personal experiences in this matter and sharing the things God has shown me as to why He allows His children to be transported and or to see into the Spiritual realm. 

First of all, I want to point out a few scriptures regarding praying in the Spirit, I will not elaborate on these scriptures because once you are finished reading all of this you will notice the deeper meaning of these words.

What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.  1 Corinthians 14:15 KJV

And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.  Romans 8:27 KJV

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4:24

Growing up, I have always been blessed by God to see into the spirit realm. But I never really harnessed what it is I was to do with what I was seeing. But as the years went on and my relationship with God grew I was able to see more clearly why.

God sometimes allows His children to see what He sees so that we can help in aiding others with powerful prayer in their lives.

One day I began speaking to God as I normally would, just worshipping Him and professing words of admiration towards who He is and pouring out my love on Him.  I then suddenly felt this boldness rise up within me and an urgent need to fiercely pray NOW. 

But it was not just a sense of needing to pray as I could tell it was a need to “go to war” that rose up within my spirit.

There I was standing in the middle of the living room with my hands open to the heavens speaking in my Spiritual language. When all of a sudden I had seen people as if I was peeking into their lives at the moment they were living it, right then and there.  Some were standing, others were moving around their house and I began to speak in the Spirit towards their lives as I was watching them go about their day.

With each person there was a difference in Spiritual intensity of prayer, for some it was a deep sympathy for their hearts. And for others, it was pure protection mode from certain things that I could see the enemy was plotting and planning against them in the unseen spiritual realm. 

I was not able to see why or what was causing the hurt or the spiritual attacks but only in the heart of the matter is what I was able to see in a spiritual way.

And in some of these cases there were some that had such broken and hurt hearts and the Holy Spirit would lead me in prayer for them and I could feel the “power of the prayer” going forth from my mouth into their lives and could feel what it was I was praying, but not in words but in feeling or a deep understanding of what this power of the Holy Spirit was, that was being poured over them.

At this exact same time, I was able to understand the power of the Holy Spirit and see how the power was affecting the person’s heart. It was almost as if I was able to see in multi-realms of what was really going on behind my prayers for them in the spirit realm.

I could see that this from the Holy Spirit within me and was alive and living, I cannot explain that except to know that everything in God is alive and has life to it, nothing is dead or stagnant, but all things are alive in Christ just as the scripture says, but it is literally the same way in the Spirit realm but more intensified and in the speaking of the Spirit over people’s lives.

So the moment God says tree; a living, breathing tree that is alive comes forth into existence right in front of me and I do not mean a tree as we have them here on earth, this tree actually breathes and can speak and has its own beautiful character about it as would a created human being (but of course it’s not an actual human being!), because this tree has the living Spirit of God within it, and again all things in God are alive and God would never create something that is dead or just empty, this tree was full of its own vibrant unique life within it. So basically in heaven what is spoken is not spoken in words or heard with the ears, but is heard with your eyes (I do hope this makes sense to you!) This is how things operate in the Spiritual realm as well, so I wanted you to understand what I was talking about before I go on!

The Holy Spirit was speaking through me and what was coming forth as I see it in spiritual realm was a living, breathing substance (the only word I can think of to use) that was poured into this person’s heart and I watched it coat the heart and issues of the person as you see in those commercials of the Pepto that is coating the stomach lining.

This is exactly what happened in the spiritual realm with this person’s heart and pain, but it was not so much their heart as you would picture an actual beating heart.  No this was the person’s heart in the Spiritual realm which is not of flesh or blood but of Spirit.

When seeing this in the spirit I was able to understand the hurt and pain they were going through. The presence of His peace and this massive love that was in itself alive and breathing into the person’s pain and hurt, bringing life into them and their situation.

“God’s presence and love are alive and bring life to all it touches, and this is also what happens in the Spiritual realm of prayer when we cover someone with prayer in their lives which is why praying for others is extremely important and should not be taken lightly.”

I bring this part up because when we pray in Spirit we are not just simply praying in our Spiritual language (speaking in tongues) although this alone is powerful and very useful in the Kingdom of God, it is, however, a stepping stone to what God had intended for His children to have as the power of the Holy Spirit changes the lives of those around us.  I want you to see that when we fully surrender to the Holy Spirit’s leading in our prayer life, the Spirit of God will take us deeper than we had ever thought prayer could ever have gone.

  “I have never met such boldness as I have in the Spirit of the living God.”  – Pamela A

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Now let’s answer a couple of these questions regarding this type of prayer, shall we!

  • What type of prayer is this?

This type of prayer in my terms is called “going to war” or as it is famously called Warfare! One time I wrestling with disobedience to the Spirit for a few hours because I could feel the Spirit of God ushering me to go to war for someone or something, sometimes I have no clue who it is I will be going to war for until God allows my eyes to see in the Spiritual realm.  I will say this, it is very important that you be obedient to this and not wrestle around with it like I did for a couple hours because there is a war raging on in people’s lives that do not know how to defend themselves and they need help by believers who do.

The reason I call this going to war is because when I am praying in the spirit it is nothing like sitting down worshiping God and speaking in tongues, no it is completely different and here is why I think it is different, and please know that I am no expert at all and this is only my opinion on the matter based on my years of experience which are nothing really compared to what the Spirit of God can teach any one of us who are willing.

When I speak in tongues it is to edify and build up my own heart and hurt that I am going through, or for the Spirit to bring forth the utterance of my own heart because I myself cannot fathom what I am going through but the Spirit does and takes intersession for me as my Helper. (Pause for a moment to give credit to the Holy Spirit- Is He not the most amazing and wonderful person to have as our most dearest and precious friend in our lives! Amen!)

But when I am going to war, it is not for me but for others. Therefore there is an immense power in the spiritual realm that must go out into the realm where demons and principalities live and reign that are doing everything in their power to stop what is about to happen in this person’s life that the Holy Spirit is about to touch, heal, or set free.

What I want you to understand here is the difference between when the Spirit speaks on my behalf and on the behalf of others.  When I allow the Spirit to speak on my behalf before God, I am willing and able to allow whatever it is that the Spirit wants to utter from my heart, because I am in control of allowing the Spirit to lead or not.  If I were to choose to stop speaking in tongues and do something else before the Holy Spirit was finished,  sadly that is my choice. (you can feel if the Holy Spirit is done or not once you become familiar with the Holy Spirit, you can sense when He still has more to say to God or to a situation.  The more time you spend getting to know the Holy Spirit as your Helper the more you two will co-exist in a peaceful harmony as God created it to be)

However, in someone else’s life, that person may not know how to take this type of control and allow the Spirit to lead them in their life to conquer certain things or allow the Spirit of God to work in their lives.  And so the Lord will send another person to them, one who has the Spirit of God within them and God will allow this obedient warrior to partner alongside the Spirit of God to help defend that person who needs help.

And because of this the enemy will fight hard to not allow this to happen because they feel they have legal right (yes I said legal right, God is a God of order and has his own angles in ranks and positions much like a real army, and Satan who replicates all things of God because he himself wants to be a God, also has copied the order and rank with legal jurisdictions- another story for another day!)

It is basically like this-  I am allowing the Spirit of God to freely move on my behalf when I speak in tongues. But when I am praying in the Spirit over someone else life or in my own life where there may be demons hindering something, I am sending forth by the power of the Holy Spirit, immense power of angels and warfare in the spirit realm to guard off all the demons that would try to hinder what the Spirit of God is about to do in this person’s life or my own.

And this is why I believe it is called Warfare, or in my terms “going to war”!

  • How are we used in praying in the Spirit?

This question has pretty much been answered throughout this entire writing, but I will explain a little more in depth about this.  How we are used is based on how much we relinquish the control of our prayer life to the Holy Spirit and how much we are willing to give overall control and access to the Holy Spirit within us.  God does allow His children to have access to the Spirit Realm, aside from what many people believe.

Now I want to make something very clear here, when I am in the presence of God and the Spirit of God is praying through me uttering the hurt of those people’s hearts to God for healing and comfort. I am NOT being possessed as some might think, let me make it very clear that being in possession means to be controlled by and the Holy Spirit does nothing of this sort.  Picture the Holy Spirit as the most gentle, kind, and compassionate friend in your entire world one that holds the deepest love for mankind and for you and would never even have a thought of hurting or forcing anyone to do something out of that person’s own will.

The Holy Spirit works through your own will in your life and what you allow the Spirit to help you with is what He will help you with, does that make sense? That is the Holy Spirit, He is our Helper and will only move as much in our lives as we allow Him too because He will never try to take over or control you by any means, that is not the Spirit of God but the spirit of the enemy.

  • Why are we used for this?

I just want to say that the Holy Spirit can guide us as being weapons of warfare in the Spirit realm of God, yes I said as weapons and what I mean by this is that FAITH is a weapon and a mighty weapon against the enemy.  If we have faith as a mustard seed to tell this mountain to move and it moves, then how much more can we do to the enemy in this world.   Let me explain this a little deeper because I don’t want you to get any wrong impressions here!

Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again three days later and descended into heaven to be with the Father, we all know this. But what you may not have seen because it was happening in the Spiritual realm was this: (This is my own little skit version of this and is not entirely true but you get the point I hope!)

Satan is sitting at his throne pretending to be a God of hell and in his hand is the key to death and on this key is written all kinds of legalistic laws and jurisdictions to have ownership of death.  As he is sitting there rejoicing in his triumph over the death of Jesus Christ, suddenly a great massive shaking begins to surround him and the gates of hell bust open, all the demons are scurrying around in fear, as Satan is sitting there in confusion and complete horror.  Then all of a sudden a complete silence falls among all of hell, as the Son of God appears before them all, as they all run to hide from the light of Jesus Christ. In complete horror and fear Satan falls off his throne and bows knee to the Son of God as he hands over the key of death into the hands of Jesus Christ the King of all Kings.  As Satan is lying on the ground trembling in fear, begging for his fate to not be upon him (because Satan knows his fate in this world that he was condemned too upon the fall.)  Jesus Christ then takes his foot on the back of Satan’s neck and presses his face into the dirt and states in a loud and strong voice “THESE ARE MINE, AND I GIVE THEM ETERNAL LIFE AND THEY WILL NEVER PERISH NOR BE PLUCKED FROM MY HAND BY YOU ANY LONGER.  MY FATHER WHICH GAVE THEM TO ME IS GREATER THAN ALL, AND NO MAN OR DEMON IS ABLE TO PLUCK THEM FROM MY FATHERS HAND.  I NOW GIVE THEM ALL THE POWER AND AUTHORITY TO TRAMPLE ON  YOU AND YOUR FALLEN LEGION AND THEY WILL CONQUER YOU, FOR YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY POWER OR DOMINION OVER THEM ANY LONGER”

While all of hell was trembling in fear Jesus Christ took every single bit of control that once belonged to the demonic world and every ounce of power they had ever had.  Jesus stripped them of any and all power that they may have had prior to this moment.  Leaving Satan and his demons with absolutely no power or dominion in this earth what so ever, because Christ took it when he took the key to death and when He rose again from the dead, this power and authority became our inheritance as children of God.

You were handed a scroll the day you became a child of the living God, and upon this scroll it is written “you shall no longer be bound by sin and death or it’s sting, for I have removed the sting of death from your eyes, never again shall you taste death and never again shall you be defeated in this world.  For you now hold all the power and dominion over everything in this world by my blood that was shed for you and you will have life and live it more abundantly because of this inheritance you are about to receive.”

It is this inheritance that gives us the right to enter into the Spiritual Realm with the Holy Spirit as our guide to wage war upon every single demon that is oppressing the children of God, it is our inheritance and our legal right to do this because Jesus went down and took this legal right away from the enemy and gave it to us  as children of God.

It is by your faith that you believe this, and that bold faith within you is a weapon that can wage war against the enemy.  It is having faith in knowing just who you really are, and operating in the inheritance that was given to you at such a high cost. That is the faith of God, the faith of God’s power within you that is used as a weapon against the enemy.  I tell you this, Satan does not mind a church-going Christian but what he does mind is a child of God who lives a life knowing who they are and having faith in everything that Jesus Christ died for them to have and USING IT to set the captives free. This… Satan is terrified of because he knows you have 100% faith that Jesus Christ lives in you and along with that all the power of the Most High God reigns in your life and in everything you touch.  These are the so-called Christians Satan wishes he could be rid of on this earth, but I call them Warriors who are tired of believing the lie that we are under the foot of the enemy when it is actually the other way around.

It is only the Holy Spirit within this warrior of God that can guide and lead them into battle because without the Spirit of God within us to help us in warfare, we are left to our own demise and cannot fight for victory.  It is through the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus Christ that there is a victory to be had in our warfare, and if we tend to try and fight Spiritual Warfare apart from the Spirit of God we are endangering ourselves and those around us that we are trying to help. The enemy knows that you have no power outside of the blood of Jesus Christ because all the power we use in warfare is in the blood and without the blood and the seal of certificate (Holy Spirit) of this blood that covers us, we have no power or dominion in this world to fight against the enemy.

This is why we can fight in this warfare and fight for others whom the enemy has blinded or beaten down so much that they are too weak to stand and fight for themselves.  We are an army of God and a Soldier of God would never leave another wounded soldier on the battlefield, especially when we hold all the power and dominion of the battle in the blood of Christ within us, what have we to be afraid of?  All the power has been stripped completely from the enemies’ hand, and we as children of God have been given this power and authority in our inheritance.  All the enemy has as a weapon against us are lies and there is no power in lies- just manipulations of false doctrine: that’s not power.

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