Faith like a child

Have you ever really thought about what it is to have faith like a child?  We as adults try our hardest to have faith like this, but we understand all the obstacles in life that would conflict with what we believe for.

This causes our minds to be slightly held up in trying to rationalize how and when this could happen which separates us from that childlike faith that God has called us to have!

I learned a big lesson that changed the way I look at having faith as a child and I would like to share this with you all and it will be short and to the point is to the heart!

One evening we had decided to take our almost 3 years old son to an indoor bounce house play area in a suburban part of Denver and on my way into the place as I am holding my son in my arms to cross the street a white Honda Odyssey drives by and I say “Ah, there’s mommies van she wants!”  I always use moments to teach my son to pray and talk to God, so I told him “Let’s ask God for the van okay buddy!” So I led him in a quick little prayer for the minivan “In Jesus name, we ask for mommy’s minivan, a Honda Odyssey to be given to us, thank you Lord in Jesus name.” And we go inside and I think nothing about this again because I say that statement about every time we run across this kind of minivan, so I assume he too has forgotten about our little conversation outside.

After spending a couple hours inside we are now venturing outside with my son and husband trailing behind and it is late for us almost 9pm and there is no traffic in this little mall shopping area and barely any people out at this time.   As I am walking across the street holding my son’s hand he stops instantly on the road and asks me “Mamma; where is your van?” as he is looking around for it.

As I start to head to the car my son decides to stop and pull my hand back and tells me “Mamma, no we have to wait for the van, let’s wait for it and take it instead then we go” My son begins to look up in the night sky searching for the van, then he begins to look around us for the van to come to us.   (Keep in mind it is late here at this place because everything closed at 8pm except the bounce house so there is no traffic and only a handful of people strangling around outside. I say this so no one freaks out that I am letting my son stand in the middle of the road!)

My husband catches up to us wondering what we are doing and why my son is now sitting in the middle of the road waiting for this van to come from God.  I tell my husband the story of what has just happened and we are both sitting back with smiles on our faces realizing how much faith our son has in God to deliver to us a minivan right then and there.

My son decides to lay down in the middle of the road and wait for the minivan to arrive from God, and as I tell him we must go now his reply is “No mamma, we have to wait for it” he continued to say this to us and was adamant about not leaving because he knew God was giving us the van because he had asked God- and therefore it was coming.


(Here is a picture of my son laying in the road being still and knowing that God will deliver him this minivan!)

We stood there watching my son for about 5 minutes as he stood his ground and was still and waiting anxiously for the van to come to him, not come anywhere else but directly to him on that road.  I am telling you that my son would not move an inch, he was determined to wait for this minivan and what is so precious is that he knew nothing about the obstacles of purchasing such a pricey van for he is just a toddler, but he knew how much his mommy has been wanting one and at that moment he had so much faith in knowing that we would receive our van.  This touched my heart more than anything I had seen in a long time because in a simple act of faith our son was showing us exactly what it is to have faith that moves mountains and being still and know that God is who He says He is.

We learned a lot that night in a time in our lives when our faith was greatly being tested with so many things that God has called my husband and me to do in our lives recently that takes a lot of great faith and obedience to God, and seeing a prime example in the most purest form of faith through the mouth of a babe really made us stand by in awe of this and realize something special that night.

Faith like a child is so simple to “observe” because we are seeing it through our son who believes that when we pray for things like healing, minivan or a shooting star that it is going to happen right away and this is exactly the mindset of faith that we are to have in our lives as well!

Another quick story of faith like a child, my son and I are standing outside of his grandparents up in the mountains and the stars are crazy beautiful there and as we are looking up into the sky he says out of the blue “God, drop one down now in Jesus name” I had to ask him what he had said and he said “I tell God to give me star”.  Again my heart swelled over watching my son resemble exactly what it is to have faith and expect God to deliver to us what we have asked for (sometimes it is a no, but there is always blessings even in the no!)  He continued to demand a shooting star from God and kept saying “God, please drop one down now God, please” while stretching his little arms to heaven waiting for the start to come to him.  I even looked up towards heaven and told God in a laughing manner, “Lord, come on you have got to answer this one, it is too darn cute!”

Watching my son who has such a faith and belief in Gods faithfulness to us, is so incredible and remarkable and teaches me daily that in able to have faith like a child we need to look past all of our obstacles that would tell us “NO” or “that’s ridiculous, that would never happen” and look at the fact that God says in His word “Ask and you shall receive” and this is the kind of faith that a childlike faith possesses, they do not sit back and think of all the reasons why a minivan wouldn’t just pull up  and someone hand over the keys and we drive home in a new minivan! Nope, that is not the thinking of a childlike faith! I honestly believe that having a childlike faith means to not even think of how it is going to happen, but just set their mind to believe IT WILL happen, and not HOW it will happen!

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened”  Matthew 7:7-8

As I go throughout my days in the walk of life that God has placed my husband and me on right now, it gives me inspiration and brings me back to the basics of having faith even as an adult in all of our situations we are going through in our life right now!  God requires us to have childlike faith; it does not say he wants us to have this kind of faith, but that he REQUIRES us to have this kind of faith!

There is a big reason why God requires such great faith for such a great blessing to be received, and my son who is not even three years old yet understands this! He can’t understand how to read the word of God yet, but in his heart, he understands what it is like to just trust in God and stand still knowing that God will deliver! My son knows no other way of having faith- it is this kind of faith that we need to get back to, it is this requirement of faith that God is asking of us as his children!

Is there anything like this that you have learned from the mouth of a babe in your life that you would like to share?  Comment below and please subscribe to Kingdom Habitation to receive more uplifting and encouraging stories of faith and warfare as children of God!

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