The Waiting Season: How God strengthens us to receive the blessing we asked for

Are you currently in a waiting season, waiting on your harvest to come through?

Ladies I am not going to lie to you and say that being in the waiting season is easy because it honestly is not.  But in the waiting season, we can find growth in ourselves if we will only look for it and desire it, it is almost as if the waiting season is not because God has to get it all worked out behind the scenes before He can present you with what it is you have been praying for.  No, that is not it at all actually; it is because within the waiting season that we are in we must grow in certain areas enable to receive what it is that we have been waiting for.

With each new thing that we ask God for we come to realize that there is a waiting period attached to each one.  For instance, I asked God for more clothing because I had gained some weight and was not feeling comfortable in my tight clothing anymore and knowing that God is my provider, I asked Him one day while trying to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans that were just not fitting right and I said “Lord, I would love to have some pants that fit me and I can be comfortable in”

So a couple days later as I am walking into my apartment I pass the free table that is in our apartment building, and there laying on the table is a nice pair of plum-colored skinny jeans just the size I needed since gaining weight.  God had heard my prayer and answered me quickly and I only had to squeeze into super tight uncomfortable pants for only a couple of days!

Now there is something else that I am asking God for and it requires a lot more of me than just squeezing myself into a pair of new skinny jeans, it requires a lot of myself to be prepared and equipped for what I have asked God for, and this thing is taking a long while to come but I know it will in time, in God’s time!  My husband and I are believing for a home of our very own, I have been asking for this particular home since I was 19 years old and my husband also has had it in his heart to own a home as well even before we met and got married.

Now, why is it that when I ask for a pair of pants I received them for free within a couple days of asking, but when I ask for a house it seems to take almost 20 years?  I have learned a few things in this waiting season of asking for a home and what I have learned is that waiting on God is not so much waiting on Him, as it is waiting on myself.  I know I will have many people who disagree with this, and I did too when my husband first informed me about this and for almost two years I disagreed with him about this but I am now seeing how this makes sense.  You see, when in this waiting season there are some things that I have learned that have equipped me to receive a greater blessing in Christ, and it is for this reason that I enjoy the waiting season whereas before I absolutely dreaded it and even threw a fit sometimes before God about his timing in my life!

I will use my house for example, which I have not received YET! I ask for a house and not because that is my only desire in my heart, I have more desires in my heart about changing my heart itself than I do about possessions and materialistic things, these things mean nothing to me as much as having my heart transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ, and also for my husband to be fully and completely healed, which we are still in our waiting season for this and believing and knowing that his healing will come.  But for blog sake, we will talk about the house because it is, after all, a pretty big thing to receive when you have an income like we do!

There are things in my heart that I know God cares more about than me having a house, not to say that God does not want to bless me with wonderful things for it pleases the Lord to bless us, but what pleases Him more is to bless us with freedom in our hearts from things that weigh us down all in our lives, things that we lose control over and cannot seem to get a grip on in life.  See God would be more than happy to give us all our hearts desires, but he knows that the blessing would be too big for us to handle or carry because there are areas in our foundation that are weak or rusting that could not withhold the weight of the blessing that is coming to us.  Yes, I just described you as a house or a foundation, but remember we are a temple! lol

I may pray and cry out to God day and night for something, but I must remember that when I ask God for something He is good and faithful to answer me the moment I ask.  And so I stand on faith knowing that He has heard my cry and I will continue to speak life and truth into my situation until I see it manifest into my realm because it is already answered and ready in the spiritual realm.   But in the meantime, I will stand on faith and also ask God what it is that He can work on in my heart that can equip and prepare me for the blessing I am asking for, because I want to make sure that when I receive what I am asking for that I am ready to handle it emotionally, physically and most importantly spiritually.

woman in pink tank top showing her biceps

ning that I want God to search out my heart and see if there would be anything that would cause me to move away from Him if I did receive what I have been asking for right now.  And if there is something in me that would slowly cause a separation between me and God’s relationship because of that blessing, then I want God to cleanse me of it so that no matter what He blesses me with that it would never steer me away from my relationship with Him because that is what is most important to me, even more than a place to call home for me and my family.  And to be honest, if there were anything I ask God for that unknowingly on my part, would cause me to stray from my walk with God I would want absolutely no part of it no matter how tempting it may be.

Ya know! I used to back in my day, throw a huge fit and get angry at God for not providing the way I wanted Him too, or on my time frame… (Input: me going down memory lane laughing at myself while shaking my head picturing these fits! ) But I am happy to say that today after my season of waiting that I was in while waiting to receive my husband to come into my life, I now see that it is not always about God’s timing but our timing and our hearts before God, or even if our foundation can withstand what we are asking for. (To hear about my season of waiting and what I am talking about here regarding my husband, click here My walk with God: Chapter 1 )

God loves us too much to see us with burdens that we cannot carry, even if those burdens are blessings we have desired and asked for.  He never wants us to be weighed down, He asks us to lay it all down at His feet, even our blessings we receive should be laid at His feet, He asks this so that we don’t have to carry such a load, blessings or not! He wants our arms free of burdens so that we can be a blessing to someone else and to live our life fully for Him so that we can be loved by Him.

So if there is something in your life you are asking God for and are getting to a point of just not understanding what is taking so long, perhaps just ask God to look in your heart and find anything that you can grow from during this waiting season, or if there is anything that may need to be cleaned out so that you can fully obtain and receive the blessing that God is about to bless you with! And no matter what you’re waiting for, know that God has already answered it and taken care of it on His part, so don’t go blaming God for its arrival date being a little later than you assumed! He has it all figured out and whether it feels like it or not, he really does have the best intentions for all He is doing in your life.

I know this is true for myself, and looking back heck even a year ago, I am grateful that God has not given us a home just yet because I am more grateful in what I have learned in my walk with God over this last year in my patience of waiting and in my endurance in trusting in God.   I have grown deeper in my walk with God because I have learned to have faith in Him even more during my waiting!  And during my waiting season, I have gotten to know God on a deeper understanding of trust and faithfulness, I completely trust God in all my situations in life.  I know that there is nothing in my life that can happen to me that did not first have to go through God’s approval, so I have nothing to worry about in my life because God has set a path before me even in my waiting and has prepared my heart to be strong enough to get through this period of time.  To know that God can trust me to stay faithful in my worship, faithful in my walk with Him even when I am in a season of waiting or a season of complete craziness, this means so much to me because in my heart I can hear my Father saying “Well done Daughter of Mine, I knew I could trust you!”

What I am trying to share with you guys, is that it is not about the receiving of whatever it is that you are asking for, it is about recognizing the moment of life that you were given right now, and how that moment of life is given to you as a gift to glorify and worship our creator.  All things aside from this will fall into place in the right timing because the God who created light itself and the air that we breathe, that same God is your Father and He loves to give you the desires of your heart, if you will only delight yourself in Him and not what you can receive from Him. (Psalm 37:4)

Know that whatever it is that you are asking God for in your life, whether big or small just trust that He wants you to fully be able to enjoy what it is that He is going to give you, and more importantly He wants it to be a blessing to others just as it is to you too! So remember whatever God is going to give you, He does expect you to in some way, shape, or form bless others with it too! God blesses us to bless others so take this time to search out your heart and see where God may have a chance to support your foundation better, or clear off any rust that may have formed in your foundation over the years so that when you do receive it, you will be equipped and ready to go out and use it to be a blessing to others.

There is a beauty to waiting, and in this waiting season there is an opportunity to grow and change your life in ways you could only dream of, I assure you that the waiting season is beneficial to who you are as a child of God.  So take what God is trying to offer you in the waiting season, be still and know that He is God and allow Him to transform your relationship and heart during this season, I promise it will be worth the wait!

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