The day I met Jesus Christ face to face in my living room

Have you desired to win the battles in your life? Are you aware of where your victory truly comes from in warfare?

Today I am going to be diving a little bit deeper into spiritual warfare and how praying in the spirit produces freedom.  If you have not read the previous articles of Praying into the Kingdom, I highly recommend you doing so because warfare is not a joke and should not be taken lightly, you must know who you are in God and what your Inheritance through Christ Jesus is, or you will be going to battle with only your head knowledge and not the power of the blood equipping you.

Please also know that this is my story from my own personal experiences with demons and warfare, I am not expecting that your warfare would be the same or should be the same, for in all my years of warfare I have never experienced the same battle twice, for the demons tactics are ever changing just as we are ever growing deeper in our walk with God in our lives.   Also a note to my readers- some of this may be in detail and I do not want to cause any kind of fear in your hearts or mind from reading this, so please ask God if this is something you should be looking into before you read and please obey and listen to the calling of the Holy Spirit within you!

Also I want to say that I am no expert in casting out demons or praying in the Spirit, I am not giving advice so that you can perform in detail all that I have discussed, I first highly advise you to seek God and ask Him to take you into warfare and allow the angels of the Lord to guide you in warfare if you are not fully equipped yet in the word and in the knowledge of such warfare.  I am not saying that you have to be skilled or experienced in this kind of warfare to perform it, please understand that is not it at all, but what I am saying is that our battle belongs to the Lord and apart from the Lord you can do nothing.

This includes your warfare, so please be sure your knowledge, truth, and understanding of such things are all based and coming from the Spirit of the Lord and not just things you have read or seen.  Warfare is something that you should never be afraid of, and if you are then the enemy has you believing a lie that you should fear warfare and casting out of demons and we all know why of course, because once you overcome that lie of fear then the enemy knows they are gone in your life, so keeping you living in fear of them or that they will hurt you is their best stronghold on you because it will hold you back from so much more freedom then just this simple lie of fear.

With all that being said, let’s move right into my story of Angels, Demons, and Warfare.

Recognizing a demon

At the age of 21 years old I was living alone in an apartment that was a nice little apartment, it had plenty of space for just me, lots of lighting and in a nice location of town!  However what this apartment had that was not so great were demons, I understand that you are first thinking “well those are just ghosts” call it what you want, ghost or demon they are the exact same thing just operating in a different form.

But for my stories sake and experience battling them I assure you these were demons, as I have also had my share of ghosts in my life as well and these my friend were not ghosts, far from it!  I would come home from work and go into my apartment only to be tormented by fear in each room of my home, for in each room there was a demon staring at me with such hate and disgust emanating towards me, and these demons would follow me with their hateful eyes as I walked through or past the room.  I was tormented daily and nightly, I will spare you the details of what they looked like for that is not important here, but as with all demons you can tell where they are from by the absolute hate and emptiness in their eyes, I have never seen such a fearful and empty place as I have in the eyes of a demon.  I was tormented so much that even as a 21 year old woman I would sleep with my head under the covers in fear each night praying for him to leave me alone, as I would be in bed every single night there was a tall dark demon standing at the foot of my bed almost pressing himself up against the foot of my bed staring at me constantly in so much hate.  He would stare at me directly in my eyes and the only way for me to forget he was there was by hiding under the covers and praying he would leave me alone.

All this time please know that I had thought this was my imagination, but they were everywhere in my bathtub, kitchen, living room and bedroom.  I even had a demon who constantly followed me in my car, and would be in the back seat breathing fear into the back of my head as I could feel him getting closer to me as he would say the most horrific lies to me and stare at me in the rearview mirror.

Now I know what you are thinking, once again it was my imagination and that is exactly what I had thought too, and I was so desperately trying to control the mind and the only scripture at this time in my life that I had memorized was ” God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and of a sound mind.” And I assure you that when I would say this the demon would not leave, but actually intensify their fear and get closer to me (demon in the car would be so close to the back of my neck I could feel his presence touching my hair) and they would say back to me blasphemies against my strength in the word, and tell me “you say it but with what power?”

Ladies and gentleman, I was tormented to no end, and I really did think this was my imagination because I was raised in a Christian home my entire life and was never taught about such things as I was seeing, I mean sure it may have been mentioned in passing but never sat down and taught that spiritual warfare is real and here is how you handle it.

Realizing the truth sets you free

Until one evening I was at my parents visiting and I had mentioned the horrific sights I was seeing and talking to my mom about how I have these horrible imaginations of such horrific sights all throughout my entire house and in my car.  She instantly told me “those are demons, not your imagination” So with this knowledge and my mom explaining to me what to do and how to take my authority and of course praying with me and over me,  I left her home feeling renewed and powerful, ready to take on these tormenting demons and be rid of them once and for all.

I felt empowered now that I had known what they were!  Funny how if I had thought it was my imagination it seemed harder to get myself to stop seeing it and stop thinking of such things that I was seeing, but when I find out it was a demon I was all game to tear them up a new one.   Because although I was still young in my walk with warfare, I knew this much; that they had no right to torment me and legally by the blood of the lamb they had to leave.  So I left my parents house, got in my car and feeling super wonderful now because my days of living in fear were going to be gone after tonight because my plan was to go home and unleash the power of God in that apartment and rid my life of these demons once and for all!  I was on a warpath and nothing could stop me!

As I got into my car I began to drive down the highway heading home to do some much needed and overdue warfare.  I was praying and asking God to give me strength and knowledge in what I was to do and say and how this would happen because I was very unqualified for this type of battle and then instantly the demon in the back seat reared his ugly head harder than he had ever before, I had an all-out match in the car on my way home as the lying demon was throwing every weapon of lies against me and how I would not prevail but that I would fail and be hurt physically if I tried to go back into this house with this knowledge and power, images of me walking into the apartment and instantly being physically surrounded by all them at once hurting me constantly came popping into my mind.

The fear was back more than ever except this time I was afraid to even go back into the apartment because what if they did attack me, what if they knew of my knowledge and are going to gang up on me and hurt me, oh my goodness was I scared and doubting myself at this time, could I really go in there and command all of them to leave and they would just disappear?

Could it have been this easy this entire time I have been tormented day and night?  Or was I too weak in my knowledge of God and in warfare that I would, in fact, be hurt by them, oh my goodness could they sense my fear and feed on that, would that allow them to have more power over me if I walk in there with fear?  All of these thoughts swirling through my mind like a rushing water one right after the other, so many it was hard to drive and stay focused, I was yet again living in torment even in my knowledge that victory was just around the corner.

“The enemy will always squeeze you the hardest when it knows it is about to be defeated”    – Pamela Allaart

Authority in Christ

I had enough of the lies and torment, I was not going back into this stronghold any longer.  I was tired of running back into slavery and being tormented constantly at their will, I was going to stand on the will of God and His will for my life is to be set free in Jesus Christ!

I instantly got righteously upset and in a very upset tone, I rebuked that lying spirit to get out of my car and to never return, that I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and nothing can by any means harm me, that God has given me victory in all things and by the power of Jesus Christ he must leave now.  I am sure that I said lots of other things because this was a battle between him and me in my car on my drive home, but he left and the lies stopped praise God!

I had made it home finally and have already conquered my first battle and was ready to go upstairs and handle the rest of this torment, I sat in my car and prayed and continued to pray as I walked up the stairs into my apartment and there at the door were no demons waiting to surround me with fear and torment, nothing, as I had been shown, would happen by that lying spirit in my car.  When I walked into my apartment it was as if they had all left, perhaps they had not all left completely or just stopped making themselves visible because they knew the moment I would see them is the moment I would begin with that one to cast it out of my home.

But I did not choose to stop here, I could feel in my spirit that I needed to handle this even if I did not see them anymore I needed to get this out of my life once and for all and handle this battle as a victor.

So I set up shop in my living room, turned on some music and began worshiping God and praying to God to help me.  Then the Holy Spirit led me into speaking in tongues (I had already had this gift from the Holy Spirit prior to all of this) As I stood in my living room I began speaking in tongues continuously, not knowing what I was saying but knowing that the Spirit of God was now handling my situation and addressing all my needs to the Father in heaven for me, for I did not know what to pray or how to pray it.   This went on for almost 2 hours of spiritual prayer, which is praying in the Spirit of God.

{In my experience in warfare, I have found that there is a difference between praying and praying in the Spirit.  Both are equally powerful, however, one is out of the request of ourselves when we pray to  God and the other is out of the request and power of the Holy Spirit which reveals all things, even the hidden intent of the heart of man.  So praying “in” Spirit is exactly what this entire series is about “Praying into the Kingdom” I am not talking about your normal everyday prayer, I am talking about the kind of prayer that allows the Holy Spirit to take over and intercede on your behalf, but yet still partnering with you to allow you to see and understand the hidden things of God, therefore you are able to better understand what you are praying for and where you are speaking life into, whether it be someone’s life or situation. The Spirit of God will direct you and guide you into powerful prayer, but you must first know how to allow this type of prayer to happen instead of trying to take the reigns and control your prayer time with God, allowing the Spirit to take over in your battles and in your warfares is the biggest weapon of God you have in my opinion!}

I was not tracking my time praying in the Spirit, it was not like that at all, I just had noticed that by the time the Spirit of God had stopped praying out loud it had been a couple of hours, and time flew by as if it were only minutes during this.  Now I will say that the entire time the Spirit of God was speaking and interceding for me, there was complete peace in my home and it was as if I had found a hiding place of complete peace while the Spirit uttered the things of my heart before God.  But when the Spirit of God had finished His utterance, is when the real battle began.

The battle begins

As I stood there still immersed in my time with God I had noticed that the peace that I was feeling had surpassed, not completely but not as intense as it was when I was praying in the Spirit of God.  And then suddenly as I was standing there two extremely large demons appeared at both exits of the living room, both very large in form and in dominance if this makes any sense to you!

I want to let you know that demons have rankings, much like God’s angels do in heaven, which is no surprise considering they too were from heaven before they were cast out so all they have done is either kept their ranking or perhaps just as with everything else, copycat God’s handiwork.   I am trying to explain this in a short-term way or I will spend a long time talking about this, so understand that just like all soldiers have ranks, so do demons.  And the higher up in rank you go the more fierce they become, the more fierce they become is generally based on the more you are growing in God.

But I assure you this should not startle you or hinder your walk with God because no matter if Lucifer himself were to be standing in your room, you still have complete 100% power over him just as much as you would have with a small tiny demon, they are all the same they just operate in different tactics of lying to you, because all they can do to you is lie to you and make you think things, and we are in control of it all by the power of Jesus Christ.

So keep that in mind!  But moving on,  so these two massive demons stood in my living room blocking my way to get out.  And may I remind you that I am still very much new at this warfare thing, and I really thought that because there was such a peace when the Spirit of God was speaking that it was all taken care of.. little did I know that what was about to happen would change the way I look at warfare for the rest of my life.

As I stood in that room in between two large, terrifying demons who gave off the presence of “they mean business”, see the other demons I had continued to see were there to strike fear and torment into me, these two demons now standing before me were there for a purpose and it had nothing to do with striking anything at me other than pure death itself.

afterglow backlit bokeh dark
No image can describe this experience in this blog!

How do I know this? I first want to say that when you are in the presence of one of God’s angels or in the presence of one of Satans demons, if you are a child of God and filled with the Holy Spirit some of you are able to discern things in the spiritual realm.  And I don’t know how to explain this, but each of the assigned angels and or demons you encounter carry a presence on them that is their assignment or duty if that makes sense?

You can discern what they were created for, or what they are here for by just their presence that they hold, and again I do not know how to explain this in an earthly way but know that the Spirit of God knows all things, even those of angels and demons and what their purpose is and when you are walking and especially “praying IN the Spirit” you will have things revealed to you that surpass your very  earthly understanding.

So I knew in my heart why these demons were here, and it was more serious than the other child like games the other tormenting demons were playing with me, nope these ones were here for some serious business.

As I stood there not in so much fear, but in a dumb-founded state of mind because in my adult life I had not experienced this before and I was seriously at a place that I did not know what to do.  So I just began commanding them to leave in Jesus name and saying the only scripture I had memorized at that time as I did in the car “My God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mound, you have to leave in Jesus name”.  And then they spoke to me, (when they speak please know that in all my years of warfare I have never had a demon in the “spiritual realm” speak to me with its mouth, it has always been telepathic, by using the mind as if you can hear what they are saying and they do not have to speak.)  They spoke to me “We will kill you, stop what you are doing or you will die”

This was repeatedly spoken to me by them as they got more upset the more I would cry out to God for help and I would continue to repeat my little prayer because I really did not know what to do and I was not grounded in my word as I am today, I was just beginning my true adult walk in the Lord.  I did not know the first thing on how to handle this, I mean handling a little demon who tormented me in my car is one thing, but handling these guys who are threatening to kill me, and their very presence has the stench of pure blood thirty murder of saints on them… un yeah, totally different fight then what I am used too!

So I cried out to God instantly because I was lost and did not know what to do, I slowly put my head down in complete surrender to God, thinking if the demons were going to kill me, then try it, because I know God will protect me regardless.  And the moment my head lowered and my eyes were closing, two extremely large, massive, huge angles of the Lord appeared on each side of me, and they each put one hand on each of my shoulders as they stood next to me.

Entering God’s throne room

These angels appeared out of nowhere, and they were white, but not in the color white that we are used to seeing in our world, some kind of white that is alive if that makes any sense! (Oh how I could go on and on about the colors in heaven and how everything is alive, even words and colors have life in them when in heaven- someday, God willing I will talk about this too!)

The moment these angels came to my side I was instantly taken to a different place, some call this transported as I like to call it as well! Because I was not carried, flown nor did I step through into a different realm. I was just “there” as if it were there all this time, but I had not seen it, but I know this could not be could it?

The moment that I was taken with these two angels I was in a different place, almost as if I were a bystander observing things happening in the heavenly places of God’s throne room.  I was standing there seeing the throne of God, which was massive to behold I cannot even begin to describe such a throne, and all I had seen was the foot of God or perhaps it was the foot of our Lord Jesus Christ, still to this day I am unsure about this but I just feel peace knowing that God and Jesus are one and so there whether I saw the toes of my Lord and Savior or the toes of God Himself, I am happy to just have seen His throne with his foot!

As I looked around the throne what I had seen next was absolutely beautiful, I had seen an innumerable amount of angels surrounding the throne of God worshiping and singing praises to Him.  It truly was the most magnificent sight in all my days and the presence of God was so strong that I did not think I could contain it.  Then all of a sudden I was standing back in my living room, but yet still in the presence of God and standing before me was Jesus Christ Himself, this is the first time I had ever seen Him before (I had seen Him many times in my walk with God after this and I am sure I will talk about those times as well later on).

It wasn’t so much his appearance that had taken me back, I was not star struck is what I am trying to say and you would think that when you are standing face to face with Jesus that you would be, but I was not, it was a big surprise to me because who am I to have this opportunity to be in the presence of Jesus Himself ya know.  But as I stood there, it was His eyes that my focus and all my thoughts were going too, there was so much love in the purest of form in His eyes, it was so hard not to behold the love that was radiating out of His eyes towards me, as though wherever His eyes were looking at, in that direction love would flow out of His eyes and overtake anything that He beholds with just the look of His eyes.

Everything in this world cannot compare the glimpse of just Jesus Christ’ eyes, I could sit living the rest of my life just staring into His eyes and be happily content.  As I am standing there with Christ right before me, I could feel a sense in my heart to speak to him.  I could have asked Him anything in the world, to know or understand anything I had questioned about Him or the word of God.  But instead, the only thing that uttered out of my mouth was in a stutter “Can I have a hug” it was all I could ask because it was all I had desired in my heart was to just be held by God.

Ladies & Gentleman, the smile that Jesus gave me as he leaned in to hug me still makes me cry today just talking about it! It was such an amazing smile of such love and compassion for me as if I was the only one in the world that He had been waiting to hug and embrace, as if at that moment everything He had gone through on Calvary was all meant for me, I could feel this just in His smile, He had not even embraced me yet and I could feel how much He loved me at that moment.

The moment that He fully embraced me this thought instantly came to my mind “I am hugging a man in thin air, this is not real” Now I will say that when this thought came to my mind I could actually feel that it was from a different realm, it had a different weight to it that was very distinctive compared to the mindset of where I was at with Christ, I could actually feel it spiritually that it was a thought from the earthly realm (my flesh) and where I was standing was holy ground and was not of the earthly realm.   So even when my flesh wanted to think, I could feel that it was of the flesh and not of the Spirit and this is how life is when you are so consumed in God that you can literally begin to feel if your thoughts are of God or of the world just by the thought itself, because it carries with it a feeling or a presence.

And this thought carried a presence of flesh written all over it, and the moment I recognized it’s presence I instantly told the lie (know that this thought was mine, not a demon but my own flesh thought, out of mere human being sensibility) to leave and at that instant second I melted into the arms of Jesus, and when I say melted that is exactly what it felt like.  The world around me, even the Spiritual realm I was in had melted away, oh how I wish I could explain this more you guys, but it is very hard to explain the things of God and translate that into our language and understanding.

Everything in existence including the spiritual realm and all of heaven faded away and I was one with Christ, I was in Christ and he in me and I could feel it in every part of my body and the most absolute feeling of peace overtook me.  I do not know anything about how long it was that he held me, or what happened if anything did, I assume He just held me because even in His embrace there is so much power and movement happening in my heart even though I could not see or feel it!

Victory belongs to the Lord

There I am standing in the living room, and everything around me is at peace. I was no longer in the Spiritual realm, but I was back in my apartment back in the place where there had once stood two massive demons awaiting to kill me.  But they were gone, and all that was left in my apartment was a feeling of peace, for a moment until that night when I had gone to bed…

After I had come too because after being in the presence of God and writing it all down what I had experienced it takes a moment to come to the realization of this realm compared to the realm you have just left.  It is always hard for me to adapt directly after being transported or shown things in the spirit realm.  But by this time it had already been almost 1am in the morning and I had to go to bed because I had to work early in the morning and since there were peace and all those demons had left my apartment I thought all was good to go until I lay in my bed that night.

I lay in my bed and begin to try to fall asleep and all of a sudden instant fear strikes my heart, and that demon who stands at the foot of my bed and watches me sleep appeared again before me, this time with more intense fear being penetrated towards me.  He was angry and for good reason, and you would think after all I had just experienced being in the throne room of God I would handle this easily, but that sadly was not the case!

Oh, how we mere humans need to be constantly reminded of God’s goodness and strength in our lives!  As I lay there terrified I decided to call my mom late at night and she gave me another encouraging pep talk as before and prayed over and with me.  But after I got off the phone it was even more intense and I was scared and cried out to God yet again because I was weak and too afraid, and God, being so amazing knew this and what He did next was so amazing!

I all of a sudden I seen massive angels surround my entire bed, including outside the apartment building (it was a 1900’s home below and my apartment above) where my bed was against the wall, I watched as these angels surrounded the building including my entrance to the stairs that takes me to the front door of my apartment, I mean they were everywhere and the swords they had drawn standing directly in front of them were so huge and were the same color as they were, I can’t explain that!)  Here I am laying in bed and all these angels are surrounding me and I am able to see spiritually what is about to go down, and what I witnessed was an epic battle of demon vs God’s angels, it was amazing!

Seeing in the Spirit I was able to see thousands of demons crawling over each other to get to my front door, literally crawling over each other in such a way they have no care to the other demons around them, all they wanted to do was kill, steal, and destroy me and were fighting to get to me.  All of a sudden in the Spirit I witnessed my front door (in the Spirit realm please know!) fall to the ground, they had busted through the front door of my apartment that was right next to my bedroom door, the moment the demons were drawing closer a larger angel than all the rest which also was the leader of all the angels of war.

(in my heart I knew this was Michael, as he had come to my rescue before in my past in a vision and told me his name) the moment the demons drew closer, this angel prepared his stance and sword for slaying, he was standing there as someone would do in battle waiting for the call to move forward, but the enemy was now at the door, the moment they burst through the door flooding in by the thousands, I witnessed this angel take his sword and stab it directly into the demon and the moment the tip of that sword touched that demon it was as if the demon disintegrated into ash. I know this makes no sense, even to me today but I cannot deny what I had witnessed. (Update: I explain in a recent blog 15 things about Angels, and it describes the swords and Michael- have a read 15 things about Angels you need to know )

Right after this I noticed that one demon had gotten past this angel and leaped over the large arm of the angel and right into my face with his hands grasping for the reach of my throat, he was just inches from my face and the next thing I remember…s nothing.

I had passed out within a split second of time, I don’t believe that I was to continue witnessing this battle and I was put to rest while the battle raged on around me and the angles at my side guarded me by the power of God.  Still, to this day I would have loved to continue to watch this battle go down but I am at peace in my heart just knowing that God allowed me to see how he truly does send His angels charge over us, it was so amazing you guys!

Ladies & Gentleman, I know that this may seem far-fetched to some of you but I will never deny that what I had experienced and felt that night were not true, God is a Spiritual God and He desires to show us all things in Himself.  If you would truly seek Him you will be amazed at the walk He will take you on!

My first warfare battle consisted of Angels being sent to my side and to fight my battles for me while I was taken to a place of worship and admiration before my Lord and Savior!  I know that many would say how then is this about learning anything about warfare?  Well my friends, what happened that night taught me so much about warfare and woke up in me the warrior of God that had been imprisoned within me in fear, God woke up a sleeping lion that night, and let me tell you that the remainder of my days in that apartment I had no issues at all but was completely full of peace and I was not stopping there!

As I had said God woke up a warrior within me, and that warrior has yet to back down.  I have not allowed demons to torment me or even be in my presence since this day, that is not to say that I have not had my fair share of battles again after this, as I have had many but they have all been victorious in Christ Jesus- Praise God!

I look forward to sharing more with you all about this type of warfare, because what I am hoping you will get from all this is not a cool story to share or ponder on, but even more that you would all embrace that the Lord is good and will fight for you, that the Spiritual realm is real, warfare is real and we cannot sit back and think that these things do not exist when they do.  You were created to be loved and to kick the teeth of your enemies in and take control of your territory in Christ Jesus.

Sadly too many of Gods children are living a safe and “Christian comfy” lifestyle which is pleasing to the enemy because they know you will do nothing about the lies they have injected into your life, but God is not pleased with this He wants you to use your inheritance which is the authority of Christ Jesus to have dominion and power over every principality and demonic force in this world so that you can be set FREE!  God paid a very high price for this freedom, yet some think that this freedom is only having Jesus Christ in your life and that makes your free from hell when you die…

Oh world wake up, the enemy is just as real as you are right now sitting here reading this, you must know how to fight and stand your ground not only for yourselves but for your husband, wife, children, and friends.  Those who do not know how to fight on their own, you must wake up oh church.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my story, and through this, I do hope that you will come to realize how real this battle is that is raging around us.  I will talk more about details in warfare and all that the enemy wants you to think they have control over but they do not, and about how we can use Gods angels as they are assigned to certain warfare that we face in our lives and how to execute the authority that God has given us as His Children!

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