Why God tells us to stop the very thing He called us to do

Have you ever had God call you to start something and then after you have obeyed and fought through all the learning curves and adjustments, He informs you to take a rest?

Good afternoon everyone, I want to welcome back Kingdom Habitation to the blogging world!  In March of this year God had informed me to hold off on blogging and in obedience I listened; although at first it was hard as I was just in my prime of getting used to it all and having to stop instantly and not write seemed like a bad thing for me, but despite all this I did obey but with a little hesitation in my heart of worry. Especially because I wondered what people would think about me starting all this and then stopping it instantly without notice; would it have made me look like a failure who can’t finish what I had started, what would people think, and for how long would I have to stop writing for?  These were all the questions I had given to God at His throne and left at his feet… but yet I obeyed regardless of what it may have made me feel or look like.

Little did I know that Gods plans are much greater than my own, looking back now even after only being 5 months I can see the true blessing in what was at one time my main concern and worry in my heart, was actually the biggest blessing I could ask for!  God took me and is still taking me on such a journey of learning and growing in my relationship with Him, oh what a mighty and wonderful God we serve ladies!  I am so glad that I heeded my Fathers voice and obeyed because the journey that I was about to endure and conquer was rough and one that I am glad God had shaped my focus more on Him than on blogging at that time in my life.

2 Corinthians 3:18

But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

This scripture above rings true to my heart when I sit back and write this, about how God had to pull me from something He himself called me into but for my own good.  So that as I obeyed and surrendered myself to the Lord, I was being transformed from glory to glory.  Even though at the time I would have thought it was a bad thing, it was truly the exact thing I needed; to have my heart transformed into the image that God is so faithfully carrying me into each day at a time! Praise God!  A side note I like to tell myself is this “If we are not growing or learning or going through growing pains or trials to teach us to be more like Christ, then that means we are staying stagnant in Christ”  And that my dear friends is not a good place to be in spiritually!

Quick Note!  Meaning of Stagnant: ( think of this spiritually while reading this)  not flowing in a current or stream without inflow and outflow, long disuse had made the air stagnant and foul, not advancing or developing 

woman hugging white pillow beside glass door

So although I felt like a failure at the beginning of my sabbatical rest, I realized through it all looking back that I was actually being transformed and renewed and flowing, not staying stagnant, and sometimes ladies the stream can get rough and bumpy, sometimes even pull us under a few times on the journey… but I assure you it is all so well worth it!

So here we are after 5 months of a sabbatical leave as I call it, I want to just let you faithful readers know that I am back to blogging and I ask that you would keep me and my family in your prayers and that God would lead me in this blog to build, edify and bring grace to the readers in all I write, that it would not be all about me or subjects, but that all would give glory and honor to the risen King Christ Jesus!  God had put on my heart a month ago to begin blogging again, but I wanted to ensure it was the right time and not jump into this by my own desires, and God had actually confirmed this through a magnificent person who did not even know I had blogged just a couple weeks ago ( Again God is so Good!)

So thank you for all your loyal support and prayers thus far, and I am excited to see where God will once again take this journey that I am on, and that I graciously get to share with all you wonderful readers! As before; the reminders of new blog posts will be directed to your email accounts if you are following Kingdom Habitation!

May God bless you in His love and admiration that you may truly know the width and depth of Gods love for you and all that He has in store for your life!

With Love,

Kingdom Daughter

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