Conversations with God as a child: A true story

Did you know that God enjoys sitting around children as they play with toys? Did you know that during this time God is pouring out massive promises into the heart of the child?

I can feel something in my heart, a stirring of some sort. But not that something is going to happen or that I am going to be going somewhere. This stirring is almost as though it were something I was born with, and it has been maturing and growing inside of me and is now ready to be birthed out of me. To those who do not understand much about the spirit realm of God yet, I can guarantee this probably sounds like a sci-fi horror movie about to unleash, but assure you it is not! (And I do want to apologize that this was not out on Monday as it should have been, but to be honest, I was not going to just post anything because of a due date, I want all my writings to be from the heart and led by God, and I know many of you would understand!)

I want to share a little bit of my past with you, I honestly was not prepared to share this and have not shared this with anyone before except my husband and my mama, but honestly even they do not know the full extent of the story! But as I began typing on a totally opposite topic ( and thus having to delete what I had already begun to type!), this just began to flow from my heart which is no surprise considering that God told me to write what was in my heart, little did I know it was this until His Holy Spirit led me to this, so please bare with me as I try to get all this out of my heart in a way that you will understand it, and I pray there is a point to all this because as of right now I am seriously typing by only being led by the heart and do not know what my outcome will be!

When I was little about 8 years old I would go into the woods near our country home in Iowa and with all my stuffed animals I would play that I was a very poor mother with tons of children to care for, I would go pick food (twigs and branches) and feed my babies in this little shack shed that was in the middle of these woods near our house.

During this time I would constantly be talking with God, even at 8 years old I remember having conversations with Him all the time, and He would actually just sit with me and talk to me. (I just realized that this kind of sounds like the movie the shack, but it’s not, but it is funny how I myself met God as a child in a shack!) This little shack in our woods was nothing like the movie, but to me it was my home away from home where I would take my babies (stuffed animals) and create my own little world with God and play for hours upon hours just me by myself, even though I had 2 other sisters and a younger brother, I do remember this being my favorite time of my childhood playing when I was alone with God.

There was even a stream that ran through this small patch of woods and I am not sure if my dad built a little bridge or if us kids placed an old ladder across the stream, but we had ourselves a little bridge and numerous times I recall talking to God allot by this little stream as if it were yesterday, I can even remember the sun glistening on the water, birds chirping all around me and I would hear my Fathers voice speaking to me. If I were to think back then on memories of what conversations I would have with God, I honestly cannot remember all of them. But I do know that even today the Holy Spirit will take me back to this shack and show me my conversations with God, and they are truly the most beautiful conversations I have ever had with my Father but not all are meant to be shared today!

But I will share one, a couple of years ago I was having a very hard time with becoming a mother when we found out we were going to have our first baby. I recall my Mama telling me something that I had told God once as a little girl, she had a vision from God and He allowed her to see myself and our conversation between my Father and I. So after hearing this, of course, I had to go to God and ask Him if this was true what my mama had seen. It wasn’t until a week or so later that he showed me a vision of me in the shack and I remembered as if all the memories of the shack came back to me, so I will do my best to describe it to you without crying!

God showed me holding one of my little-stuffed animals ever so gently and caressing this animal, and I looked up at God and told him “God, I’d be a good mommy someday” And I recall God looking down at me and smiling and say “Yes my daughter you will be, someday”. It was so precious because God had shown me that in my heart he formed me as a child to desire to be a mother, he formed me in my own mothers whom with the love and care “of a mother”, so much so that I would be this to my stuffed animals.

But life had choked out this dream I had in my heart as a little girl and the cares of this world and desires of selfishness took over in my heart causing me to question if I truly wanted to be a mom or if I even wanted to have kids at all. When in fact, God created me to have a heart for mothering, and the enemy had lied to me for so long in my life that I believed in my heart I never wanted children, that I would live the rest of my life okay with never having children because I loved my money, sleep and didn’t want to have to give all my time to a child. And these were the exact words I would use when someone would ask me about children, keep in mind I did not meet my husband until I was 32 years old, so I had plenty of conversations with people about having a family in my past!

These are the lies that the enemy planted in my head and I believed them my entire life. Until that moment that God revealed to me that in my heart, He created me to be a mother long before I was even old enough to understand. He gave me my hearts desire that I had in my heart at 8 years old, something the enemy tried to ruin in me, but God and all his grace and love reminded me of a precious moment I had with Him in that little shack when I told my Father in heaven that I would be a good mommy, and it was not just this memory that He showed me but He brought back my time spent with Him in this shack, memories that had He not shown me I would have probably never remembered.

Ladies, I was only 8 years old, but I knew at that age that I truly would be a good mommy and that someday I would be a mommy, because that was a desire in my heart that I had and God was right there beside me watching this desire being birthed in me in that little shack in the woods. The time I spent with God in this shack as a little girl was so beautiful that I wish I could go back and live there today and just stay in those moments with God as he poured out His love on me and as we hung out together like Father and daughter.

I feel in my heart that those moments in that shack were life-changing for me, because in those moments I feel that even though God was there playing with me and filling my heart with such love and peace of his presence, he was also transforming me and molding me into the women I am today, he created in me the women He has called me to be and began working on my heart in that little shack. Because in this shack is where I truly found my Father, where I found God at 8 years old.

But you see, while I was having fun just being with God and spending time with Him, is when He was creating in me the women I am called to be! In these quiet moments with God is when he was creating a masterpiece that I did not even know was happening at that time! I look back now and God has revealed so much in my life in the areas where I have grown spiritually or promises of God about myself that I have seen come to pass, and God has shown me numerous times that shack and our conversations we would have, He would show me how in this little shack he planted that promise in me at that time as a little 8-year-old girl in that little tiny shack in the woods.

Ladies God is so beautiful and wonderful, words cannot express the goodness of our Lord and Savior! Oh how I wish I could go back to this shack just for one day and spend that time with my Father all over again and oh how I wish that I could remember every single conversation that I had with my Father in this shack, but I cannot. But it is amazing that when the time is needed, God does reveal to me some of those conversations! Praise God!

See satan has done a very good job at trying to get me to forget about the shack and my time with God, because he sat back and watched as God was preparing a fierce warrior in this shack, and it terrified him to his very core, so he has done everything in his measly little power to ruin my memories of the promises God had instilled in me in this shack and has continued even as I grew up to get me to forget about “the shack” and even more so the relationship that I had with the Father at that time of my life.

But little does satan know that the promises of God will always be fulfilled. This warrior of God that he created in me inside that little shack is not backing down and is not forgetting the promises of God spoken over my life, I am a conquer and I am an overcomer and there is nothing in this world and no principalities that can stop what God is doing in my life and through me by the blood of Jesus Christ….So satan; take a hike. your battle is lost and over, and my journey has just begun!

Ladies, I do not know how to end this, perhaps it is not meant that I have an ending? I do know that what God has revealed to me about this shack and my quiet time with Him alone in the woods were some of the best times of my life, and in the middle of this little shack while I was distracted just enjoying the presence of God and the relationship I had with Him, little did I know what He was creating in me a women of God.

carefree cheerful child daisies

So perhaps in life I need to just simply remember that I am already created and formed to be exactly who God created me to be, she is in there waiting to be released all I have to do is stop listening to the enemies lies and remember that I was created for such a time as this and stand on Gods promises for my life! I can feel the creation that God designed in me like I said being birthed in me and I am having birthing pains if you know what I mean (spiritually in a sense) I can tell that God is about to do something in my life, and I pray that He is going to reveal to me things in my heart that will change who I am in Him.

Author Fact Notes: I recently went back to this home and took some pictures of the home, the shack, however, it has been torn down or perhaps it fell down. It was a very small shack, not even big enough for a car, but probably to store firewood in or something. But I did revisit this place and although the house still stands completely empty, it was not the house that gave me joy but the woods because of the fond memories I had learning who my Father was and learning who God was. The shack is no longer standing, some of the woods have been cut down into a small patch and the house sits vacant and falling apart. But my memories of my dates with God in this little shack will certainly live on forever in my heart, and I pray that God will reveal more to me about our time spent together in this shack! The picture I have for this article is nothing close to the shack where I met God as a child, but it is a picture that kind of gives an idea of the article! In my heart, I do believe that I met God face to face as a child in this shack, and the easiest thing for me to do was have such childlike faith because I did not question Him, how do you question such love, why even question such love that is radiating from Him. I just soaked it up as a child and enjoyed my time with Him! I pray that I can learn how to do this all over again and that I would gain back that child-like faith that I had in this shack when I was 8 years old.

With Love,

Kingdom Daughter

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