The story of how I became a Blogger for Christ

When the thought of blogging as a beginner causes you to really question what God has spoken into your life and what that looked like for me as a new blogger.

I want you to know dear friends that I am blogging simply out of obedience to what God had told me to do.  So I am only obeying on this journey God has me on and thought maybe you would be interested in how it all started!

My journey with the topic of blogging came about in October 2017, I had a stirring in my heart to blog although I knew nothing about blogging or anything of the sort.  But I had this stirring that I could not shake, so therefore I gave it to God and began asking him if he wanted me to start a blog, and for what? What on earth would I have to say that anyone would want to read about?

As the weeks went by and this stirring kept pressing in on my heart I continued to talk to God about it and question what this was and why I kept feeling this way and was driven to blogging in my heart.   Because I had never written before and I have no education or experience in any of this, let alone I did not even own a computer to blog on! So there were many reasons why starting a blog to me was just something I should not venture into and spend my time doing.

Well one day I was working and spending time with the Lord while the babies were napping and I began to get this stirring in my heart again, this time I had had enough with the indecisiveness and questioning I had been going through the last couple months prior so I finally told God “Okay Lord, if you want me to start a blog then you provide me with a laptop and I promise I will start a blog in January.”  And I left it at that and continued my worship when within a couple minutes my phone rings and I was going to ignore the call so that I could continue my time with God, but I heard God tell me that I needed to answer this call because it was about the laptop.

So, of course, I obey God and I answer the call and have a lovely 15 minute conversation with a loved one about life, God and of course my indecisiveness about this whole blog and how it just could not be for me because of all the areas I lack in including having the proper tools (computer) to begin blogging.   To my surprise the loved one I was speaking too told me they had a nice laptop they were no longer using and that I could have it.

God had literally taken me at my word and within 20 minutes of my promise, he had provided for me on his end and now it was up to me to provide for Him on my end. So I instantly told him okay Lord, let’s do a blog, January it is… and I became the best blogger this side of Colorado and it was such a piece of cake for me to obey…

Not likely, not even close my friend! I still went through doubtful moments and insecurities once I began to read more about blogging online and began to actually see what it takes to get a blog going and all the advice about blogging that is out there with the do’s and don’ts of blogging.  It was very overwhelming, ask my husband and he will tell you how much I struggled with doubting myself in this!  I continued to tell God “You have got to lead me in this because I have no clue what I am doing or how to do this”.

Jeremiah 1:6-7

Then said I:   “Ah, Lord God! Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.”   But the Lord said to me:  “Do not say, I am a youth, For you shall go to all to whom I send you, and whatever I command you, you shall speak.

God continued to speak to my heart with scripture about my insecurities and used many people of the Bible as examples, Moses is one of them to show me that when He has called His children to something He gives us the strength and knowledge to complete what He has called us too.

macbook air flower bouquet and magazines on white table

However over the span of time God had truly revealed to me to be bold and just be myself and speak from the heart and I began to receive insight on scriptures in the word that were breathtakingly inspiring to me because I had seen them in such a way that actually changed my heart while I was writing them down, and I knew this was God leading me and so I continue to write whatever God puts on my heart and shows me in his word and I hope it will inspire you just as much as it has inspired me my heart as well!

Now please don’t get me wrong I still go about my thoughts of insecurities and thoughts of not being good enough for this, but I will continue to press on and do what I feel God has called me to do despite the fears I have, because after all fear does not come from God and I am not going to allow the enemy to take charge over something that God is calling me to!  So in faith and lots of prayer, I will continue to write whatever it is that God is putting on my heart to write and share with you lovelies!

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